Friday, 10 March 2017

Effects of Working Out

I was at my heaviest in Poly, weighing 74 kg on a 1.55m height. My BMI was 30.8, though we now know BMI may not be the best measure of obesity since it doesn't take into account the higher density of muscle tissues compared to adipose tissues. My ex had a friend who, according to BMI is overweight even though he's obviously lean. As student nurses, we sometimes use the monitoring machines on ourselves while on attachment. My pulse was in the 90s though I can't call it resting heart rate due to the fact that I was walking around on the job. It wasn't super strenuous so a pulse in the 90s showed how unfit I was. My resting heart rate back then was in the mid 70s, considered to be normal. My BP was in the normal to very slightly elevated range which probably wasn't a good thing for someone under 20. It was usually 120/80 with the occasional diastolic mid 80s.

This was taken last Friday morning while I was at work as demonstrated by the date & time stamp on the monitor. My pulse was 63, a significant drop from the 90s when I was 18 while at work. I must say that this was an unusually low diastolic BP for me. A systolic of 97 borders on normal (anything below 100 is considered low). The diastolic of a 46 though, is quite low (anything below 60 is low). I'm asymptomatic though so I'm not too worried about the numbers. But it does speak volumes about the improvement in my cardiovascular health. Not too bad for 2.5 months of work.

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