Saturday, 27 June 2015

@ 2°c

For the 1st time this year, we hit 2°c on Tuesday morning when I woke up at 5 am. It's either this current place we're living in has better insulation or the weather is not cold enough to turn the house into a fridge. It was freezing in the previous rental & the only place to be was in front of the gas heater. This year, we have a new toy: wireless door bell with temperature gauge. I'm curious to find out at what indoor temperature do we start to freeze & require heating. Even Ton Ton has not started shaking like a leaf so his sweater is still at the back of the wardrobe.

When I left for work at 6.05 am, I realised that my car had a layer of ice over it. Becoz it was ice, I had to blast the heater to melt the ice on my windscreen. Hubs sent me a message telling me to leave earlier becoz of the ice. But his message came at 6 am which was my usual leaving home time. So I sat in the car & waited. It was evident that the temperature was low out as the car's temperature gauge didn't budge. Even when I arrived at work an hour later, the needle still had not reached its usual spot. My handbrake sensor was also obviously frozen over as the light refused to go off. It was only after driving for some distance & the car had warmed up somewhat did the light go off.

What fun is winter if it's not cold? Like a little kid, I watched gleefully as my breaths transform themselves into puffs of vapours.

Condensation on my car froze over.
2 degrees outside, 14.4 degrees inside.


  1. You can pour a bucket of warm water from the hot water tap over your windscreen slowly (not too hot or too fast, or your windscreen might crack).

    1. I thought about it. But I was lazy to go back, lock & unlock the doors again. Haha.