Saturday, 19 December 2015

Almost Christmas

It's end of the year again. Like last year, we're shutting down for 2 weeks for Christmas period. I have 1 more day to work on Wed & that's it for 2015. & like last year, we started receiving presents from the surgeons. For all the bad I've done in my life, I must have done something good to have such good fortune. I am very thankful for all that I have today & all that I've received, not just monetary or material but the inner wisdom growth as well. May we all continue to strive to be a better person & gratitude fill our hearts always. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

Top left: Champagne, chocolate & $100 Myer gift card from Dr AG. (Only 3 of us received the additional $100 Myer card.)
Top right: Champagne from Dr AA.
Bottom from left to right: Champagne from Dr MTK, Champagne from Dr AG (anesthetist), Red & sparkling white from Dr IM.
Top left: $50 Coles group gift card from Dr JL.
Bottom left: Birthday card from my colleagues with $130 cash.
Top & bottom right: $35 Coles group gift card from Dr ADG, $50 gift card from company, special gift (lip gloss) from a colleague wanting to thank me for all my help.
A box of produce from Barossa Valley from Dr GC.
A box of Koko Black chocolate from Dr FC to share. A colleague went online & found out that the chocolate was selling for $2.30 per piece. There're 64 pieces here. This must be the most expensive chocolate I've ever eaten.


  1. Wow, great collection of presents! You must have been a very good and hard worker!

    1. I don't know if I'm a good & hard worker. But I try my best.

  2. After all the alcohol :) you gonna be a drunk worker. Awesome gifts

    1. Lol. Too bad hubs doesn't drink wine or champagne. He's a beer person. So I don't open a bottle unless I'm at friends' place.