Saturday, 28 May 2016

Loss Of A Dear Friend

It's been a crazy, crazy fortnight. My work hours are over the roof. I clocked the most number of hours worked in a fortnight in my 2 years here. That's despite missing work last Friday as I had to fly off to Sydney for a work related conference. I got back on Sunday night & it was bang on again the very next day. My manager was away & I had to cover her duties as well. The 1 day that I finished early, was last Wednesday.

Following the news of her deterioration, I tried to contact her to visit her at home but I couldn't reach her. Shortly after, I was informed that she was found to be confused by a friend who visited her & she was sent to the hospital. In just a few days, she deteriorated further & was in & out of consciousness. I knew it was my last chance to see her. After finishing work at 4 pm last Wednesday, I drove to Glengerry Hospital where she was warded in the palliative ward. She had already slipped into a coma. I read her a quote from President Ikeda & held her hand the entire time I was there. Her close friend who intended to stay the night told me that she had a very aggressive type of cancer. As it was over a major vein, the portal vein in the liver, it was inoperable as a tiny nick will cause her to die from massive blood loss. I stayed for 3 hours & left at 7.30 pm. When I got home, I continue to send reiki distantly. I was very upset. She didn't look good at all. All along, I continued to hold hopes that she will overcome it. But seeing her in person, I knew it wouldn't be long.

I worked till 8.30 pm on Thursday & flew off to Sydney on Friday. My return flight was delayed due to busted brakes & I only got back to Perth at 11 pm. It was full on again from Monday with late finishes the entire week. I was telling hubs that I would like to visit her today, Sat. Then, I checked my email. The email informing us of her departure came on Thursday afternoon. Instead of visiting her at the hospital, I'll be attending her memorial service. I laid in bed & cried till I fell asleep. I only woke up becoz Ton woke me up, wanting to pee at 1.20 am. I haven't been able to go back to sleep since.

I don't know what to say. Just feeling overwhelmed from the loss of a dear friend.

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