Saturday, 21 November 2015

3rd Wedding Anniversary

Just realised that I started this post on the 7th & completely forgotten about it. It's about time.

5th November this year fell on a Thursday. 3 years ago on this day, we exchanged our vows at the Registry of Marriage in Fort Canning. That date was chosen by a feng shui master who, after calculation told us that it was an auspicious day for both of us. 旺夫也旺妻。It was an unlikely union. Read any of these feng shui books & they will all tell you that the fire snake (1977) & the water pig (1983) is a terrible match, the marriage doomed for failure. But I didn't care & in Nichiren Buddhism, we're taught that regardless of your situation or karma, you can turn it around & achieve victory & happiness. She said that although the fire snake & water pig is usually an awful match, we're actually not too bad after taking into account our 八字.

We didn't do anything special on Thursday becoz we both had to work. But I did get home earlier since I skipped gym due to my 1st bout of hives. Even then, it was just dinner & off to bed. After our pleasant experience with degustation at Mandoon Estate, I decided to book degustations at different venues for all near future celebrations. Since our anniversary fell on a Thursday, I booked us a dinner for Saturday, the 7th. This time it was for Petite Mort, a contemporary french restaurant just a short drive from my work place.

That morning, I went out to buy a pair of heels to wear with my dress. Nothing fanciful, just $20 as Big W was having sales on shoes. Heels are not my thing. They hurt my feet too much. So they're reserved for sit down dinners. I chose 1 of the dresses I brought over during the trip back to Sg in March. I can no longer fit into some of them but I told myself I'll get there someday.

Before we got there, I told myself that I wouldn't drink coz I certainly didn't need the extra calories. But when we got there, I was in the mood & I accepted the wine suggestions given by the maitre d. We have such different palates. Hubs preferred the food at Petite Mort while I felt that the food at Mandoon Estate are more sophisticated in flavours, executed with more techniques. Like the glass of apple cider I had at Mandoon Estate, the 3 glasses of wine (1 white, 1 red & 1 dessert) went straight to my head & I left the restaurant somewhat giggly. I'm looking forward to the next degustation next weekend to celebrate 6 years of couplehood.

Table setting.
Degustation menu. We didn't take the cheese.

The macarons & chocolate truffles were complimentary. 

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  1. Congratulations on your 3rd anniversary and many more to come!