Monday, 2 November 2015

Advance Reiki

I've had a very busy week. It was work, then gym from Monday to Thursday. Then I had to attend a Operating Room Nurse Association seminar at The Duxton on Friday. My colleague who lives along the way wanted to carpool with me so I was up at 4.30 am to get ready. I was at her place by 6 am & she invited me in for a cuppa before we made our way into the city. The seminar was supposed to finish at 5 pm, which would give me an hour to get to East Freo, where I was about to attend my Reiki 2 course. But of course, they ran late. I was constantly checking the time & panicking that I couldn't even enjoy the fact that I had won a pair of work clogs in the lucky draw. It was 5.30 pm by the time I got to the carpark.

City driving at peak hour? Absolute nightmare. The journey was only 17 km. But it took me 50 mins to get to my destination. Everytime the light turned green, I could only inched forward 50 m as depicted by my GPS. It didn't help that I was in the lane to turn left & people who didn't want to queue would drive on the right lane all the way to the front, then signal that they wanted into the lane. I hate to be late. I hate the feeling. I like to drive leisurely & take in the sights. That's why I leave home for work half an hour early everyday. I was wound up so tight the entire drive to East Freo. I was like, "Come on! Move it!!!" Not a pleasant feeling. Anyway, I got there at 5.20 pm, where I found out that I was the last to arrive. They couldn't start without me as what Barbara was going to teach is sequential so everyone had to be present before she could start. Yikes!

By the time we finished at 11.10 pm, I was bushed. I was looking at another hour's drive home. I literally dropped dead in bed when I finally got home at 12.20 am. It was a miracle that I managed to stay awake throughout the drive home. That was a 20 hour day for me. Usually, regardless of the time I went to bed the previous night, if I wasn't awaken by my alarm, I'll wake up naturally at 6.30 am or 7 am the latest. My intention was to go for a jog you see. But I actually woke up at 9 am. There wasn't enough time for me to jog (& I had to shower coz I didn't do so the night before) since I had to leave at 10.30 am to get to East Freo by 12 noon. I don't really have to, but the mild perfectionist/obsessive compulsive streak in me wants to arrive with 30 mins to spare. So yeah.

We had a couple of exercises to practise on after the 1st energy transfer. We had to bring a picture of someone whose health issues we know & we were given at random, someone else's photo. But I didn't seem to be too accurate. I saw dark purple, I couldn't take my hand off position 1 on the right side (which is over the liver) & this pressure in my head but my classmate, the wife, couldn't think of any associations with purple, or problems with the liver or headache. But my other classmate who did hubs was pretty spot on. She received waves (loss of balance) & nausea over position 1, right ear pain, an impression of a father, loss & emptiness which gave way to joy. On the crown, she received feelings of isolation & distance. Over the liver she got swaying & nausea. Hubs used to drink so much with his friends to the point of being completely drunk & puking into the drain at the back alley of the pubs. Naturally, liver processes & breaks down the alcohol. The right side of the body has to do with male. So for her to get right ear pain means there was or is a male figure in hub's life whose words were/are nasty to the ears. Remember she got father as well. Hubs didn't have a good relationship with his dad. (I'm gonna leave it at that but it was really really bad.) I interpreted his emptiness as his life before me (again, I know his history so I can only say it's true) before finding joy (perhaps with me?). On the head was sense of isolation & Barbara asked if it could be becoz he missed Sg. That is very accurate. Between the both of us, he's the 1 who misses Sg all the time.

On the 3rd day, which was yesterday, we received our 2nd energy transfer. This time, we were doing on fellow students. Everything I received about my classmate (D) was accurate as confirmed by her. But becoz those are her problems, it isn't appropriate for me to share here. A different classmate did me. She received thumping of the right temple (I was having a bit of a headache at that time). She had ringing of the right ear which, as previously mentioned, had to do with a male figure. Probably my dad. She also started tearing but she had the sensation that it was tears of gratitude. Ever since my move here, I've really been very thankful for everything. I've been saying that on my blog for ages. This is a stranger who knows nothing about me. Similarly, I know nothing about my fellow classmate. Even the cynic in me has to concede defeat. Lastly, when she went to the head, she had a feeling that I need to do deep breathing. (When we move to the head, we would ask what would help this person to a better good.) Knowing my inclination to be wound tight, this is probably a very good advice which coincidentally, I will probably do when I start yoga. She also got the feeling that I need to trust in my journey in Reiki. This also came very timely becoz as I was doing my classmate, D, I held back some details coz I doubted what I saw. When D probed further, she realised that what I saw in totality made sense & told me to believe in myself. Finally, she felt that my 3rd eye (the area in between my eyes) was pulsating & that my clairvoyance ability is coming to the surface & will continue to develop.

Barbara has always said that all of us are psychic. It's just that in most of us, it is latent. As with everything in life, you'll get better the more you do it. I wonder where this journey will take me. But 1st thing 1st, I can now do distant healing on my mom. Yay!

P.S.: On the drive home yesterday, the police was stopping everybody at a road block for breath analysis. There's always a 1st time to everything. I wasn't the least bit worried coz I hadn't been drinking of course. Pretty exciting way to end the evening.

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