Saturday, 1 August 2015

Day Trip: Lesmurdie Falls

The falls.
Whenever I come across a suburb that I'm not familiar with, I search for it on the map. That was how I found Lesmurdie Falls. I had a patient living in Lesmurdie last Friday & I wanted to see where it is in relation to my work place. My brain immediately went into overdrive, trying to plan when to go, whether dogs are allowed & subsequent activity, namely, food.

Panoramic views.
So there we were on a Sunday morning, after the laundry's been done. Like a well seasoned dog, Ton Ton went out the front door & straight into the car while I was still locking up. He knew exactly that we were going on a car ride. We took my car but hubs was the 1 driving. As we entered the Perth Hills region, the surroundings reminded me of Taiwan.

Who else but Ah Ton?
We finally arrived at Mundy Regional Park where Lesmurdie Falls is located. As stated in the website, dogs are allowed but they must be on leash. Ton quickly took a dump & of course, I'm always well prepared. We were rewarded with a panoramic view after a short hike. We didn't go all the way down to the bottom of the fall but even then, it was hard heading back to the car park.
Obviously we took a wrong turn & found ourselves in the bushes without a path. But we forge on ahead, pushing through the prickly needle-like leaves of native plants. Ton was the only 1 very game, probably becoz he was low down close to the ground & escaped being poked relentlessly. His long bushy coat of fur also acted as a cushion. We finally pushed our way back onto the path. That was definitely 1 of the highlights of our trip.

Rose Heritage Cafe.
There he was, growling at the ducks.
We were recommended Core Cider, a cafe not too far away. But they stated on their website that pets are not allowed so I sourced out this place called Rose Heritage Cafe. It had this koi pond with ducks swimming around. That was where we sat, away from the main dining area. Everytime the ducks swam past, Ton Ton would stick his head out the railings & growl at them. He's a riot. Hubs had their Classic Beef Burger & I had the Vegetable Stack. As we were sitting away from the cafe, we were served the food in take away boxes. Sure was a lovely way to spend Sunday.

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  1. You go to the bottom of Lesmurdie Falls (Google map address: Lesmurdie Falls, Palm Terrace Forrestfield), and at the point where Lesmurdie Brook crosses Palm Terrace, your car can roll uphill! Try it!

    You can also follow the track there to the bottom of the falls.