Wednesday, 19 August 2015

STO Done

Ton Ton's STO was arranged for yesterday evening at 6 pm. As I was still working at 6 pm, hubs brought Ah Ton to the vet by himself. He was sharing with me that he didn't use a leash & instead, carried him throughout the whole process. The moment he stepped into the vet's, Ton Ton started shaking like a leaf. I laughed. This is so like him. I told hubs, "Of course lah. Everytime he goes there, he gets poked & cut." Haha.

It was a less than 5 mins job that even I can do. But I was advised against it by my dog owning colleagues. They reasoned that it will give the vet a chance to examine him. Fair enough. So I left it to the vet. Upon reaching home, I had a look at his now healed surgical wounds. Looks pretty good though slightly crusty. His fur is totally matted from the sweater he had to wear & I haven't got the chance to go to the pet shop for de-matting comb.

I'll do it next weekend & give him a shower. Then it's time to really start planning for our Sept camping trip. We'll go better prepared this time. We bought a 25L esky with 2.5L water jug for $15 at a garage sale. Heh. Good buy coz just the esky alone costs $43 in Coles. The portable stove that runs on gas canister is now back on the shelf in Bunnings & we bought the round grill plate to go along with it. No more eating combat ration taste alike. Ton Ton also can have fresh meat rather than dodgy pet food whose ingredients origins are fuzzy. So looking forward to it!

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