Monday, 24 August 2015

Reiki 1 Completed

Over 2.5 days, I completed the basic Reiki 1. I went without much knowledge about Reiki other than it is a type of energy transfer that you do with your hands & that in Reiki 2, it will be distant healing. But 1st, I must thank Winking Doll for sharing your experiences with me. It is really nice to know someone in the same profession who doesn't think alternative healing (especially something that's unseen) is bullshit.

If I thought $595 for Reiki 1 is expensive, I would have been in for a surprise. It actually costs $945 to learn it in Sg. But of course, it's different. In Sg, the course is held in a hotel function room, lunch, dinner & tea breaks are all provided for. Here in Perth, it is held in an old catholic church & we pay for our own lunch. Volunteers helping out in the course would bake cake or some other snacks for our tea break. Reiki 2 costs $880 here whereas it is about $1200 in Sg according to my friend. Perhaps that is the reason why I never got a chance to do it when I was still in Sg.

I thought it is something I can "turn on" & "turn off", allowing me to choose if I want to do some healing. But no. We all have a hot spot in the center of our palms that releases healing energy. In some people who are natural healers, they transmit the energy through this hot spot. But energy released from this hot spot is your own life force so in time, you will be drained. Reiki attunements unblocks your whole hand, allowing energy to flow from even the fingers & the energy is from outside. As you heal others, you actually rejuvenate yourself at the same time. You're the channel or conduit for the energy to flow through you. As long as I'm in physical contact, the energy will flow through me to the other person.

When doing Reiki, your brainwaves slow down to *** hertz (can't remember think she said 7 or 8), similar to the readings on someone who is meditating. I must say I was still skeptical after Friday night after the 1st attunement. I thought the feelings in my hands were from the cold. I went to bed thinking that the sensation will be gone by the next morning after spending the entire night under the blanket. By the 3rd attunement on Saturday night, I thought to myself that this sensation looks like it's here to stay. Several of us wanted to know how do we know that the energy is flowing. The teacher said that if your hands feel different, that is how the Reiki energy is manifested to you. Different people feel different thing.

It's pretty amazing coz the rational part of me says this is not possible. But yet I can't deny the feelings I have or how strangers can tell what health problems I have simply by placing their hands on me. & it wasn't even the teacher but a fellow student. Similarly, when someone is drawing a lot of energy from me in a particular spot, I can guess what kind of health problems they have & we're not talking about just physical diseases but emotional scars as well. When I asked my teacher about the mole on Ton's back which is directly on top of the liver, she immediately asked me if I've been holding in a lot of anger becoz unresolved anger harms the liver. An animal having bonded spiritually with their human is a familiar & will take on the symptoms. & I feel so guilty when I thought back to the last year in Sg when I was always so angry.

If there is a Reiki 2, I will definitely sign up for it. Not only will I be able to send healing energy to my family & dogs in Sg, perhaps 1 day I will be able to work towards another dream of mine: working with rescue dogs in my free time. To do that I really need to hone my psychic abilities by Reiki-ing more so I can enhance the "communication" part of Reiki 2. I probably sound crazy to some people. But I really believe that there are things in life we can't explain but doesn't mean that it's not real. Time for some Reiki-ing!

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