Friday, 28 August 2015

The Best Day Of My Life

In the operating theatre, there is a lolly jar. I hardly help myself to it unless I've gone hypo & need a hit of sugar. Recently, it's been topped up with individually wrapped soft chews from The Natural Confectionery. The interesting thing is, each wrapper has a different question printed on it. We've been having some fun answering them.

Are you a cat or dog person? No brainer there for me. If you can be a cartoon character, who will you be? I actually said Donald Duck. He's so grouchy but he always comes through at the end. My colleague showed me 1 today that goes, "Which is the best day of your life?". My 1st response was, "This is a tough 1." I've given it some thought while waiting for the surgeries to end. The answer surprised me.

It was the day my ex announced that he was divorcing me. There was uncontrollable sobbing, followed by days of lying in bed staring at the ceiling. But in hindsight, it was the catalyst that brought about the biggest change in my life. I wouldn't be where I am today had it not happened.

It is hard to see any light at the end of the tunnel when we are drowning in sorrow. If we can just dig up that little bit more strength & courage to pull ourselves through, we'll often realise whatever had happened was for the best. It could take years but the most important thing is not to let it harden your heart. Instead, use it to propel yourself into greater heights especially when it comes to kindness & let it be a chance to rid yourself of your flaws for it will always be a work in progress.

The world has enough cynics as it is. Let us try a little kindness today. It'll probably change your life.

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