Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Moving Teething Problems

Our 1st move in Perth. Hopefully things will go well & we won't have to move again. It may be a hassle but the actual move itself isn't difficult. What's problematic is transfering services & updating particulars. Everyone tells me it's just phone calls, chicken feet. I already knew it wouldn't be so simple. Our initial setup at our previous rental place already told me that. Gas & electricity, not a problem. Internet's the problem.

I was told by iinet that my new place is serviced by Telstra & I still have contract left. If I were to terminate & switch to Telstra, I will incur break contract fee. But to tap Telstra's line, I will only be eligible for ADSL1 instead of the ADSL2. So I said that's fine. For the transfer of service, I had to pay $59.90, supposedly heavily discounted (originally at $300++). Few days later, I received a call from iinet saying that I have to pay $300++ for the transfer. Of course, I argued with them, saying that the 1st petson I spoke to said I only have to pay $59.90 & the rest of the charges will be waived. That was settled.

Then, several days later, they told me they're unable to provide services at my new place & I have to migrate to their partner company, Internode or pay the break contract fee. So I said fine since the monthly fees are the same. Then, a few days later, iinet called saying I'm breaking contract to go with Internode so they're charging me break contract fee. My gosh, how many times do you have to disturb my peace? I told her straight away what I was told & that under no circumstances will I pay the break contract fee. Coz if you're charging me anyway, why should I switch to Internode? I might as well go with Telstra. I'm not trying to be difficult but your company have to honour your word.

Best of all, since the move, I've been unable to receive mobile signal. Hubs only gets periodic signal while mine just says no service. So we thought it might be our  telco problem. After asking around, everyone told us Telstra has the best coverage. Of course, their monthly charges is 50% more than other companies. What choice do we have? We made the switch. Hubs had good reception while I still got no service. In the end, I concluded that it's my phone's fault & bought a $59 replacement. True enough, now I'm getting 4 bars to full reception. All these transpired together with the iinet fiasco.

I could only receive signal once I drove about 1 to 2 km out of my new place. So I kept missing iinet's calls. But when I tried to call them back, I can choose to either be on hold for more than an hour or request a call back when it's my turn. But how do I keep loitering outside just so I can get hold of someone? I was working so late the whole of last week. I actually called when I knocked off, chose to receive a call back, drove back & parked outside Bunnings at 8.10 pm. (It takes me about 45 mins to drive home.) I waited till almost 9 pm then gave up when they still haven't called back. I don't know if they ever called back coz I don't get signal once I'm back at my new place.

Weekdays out, so I called on Saturday. They start at 8 am & I arrived at the town centre for mobile signal at 8.02 am. Already, the wait time for the call back is more than an hour. But I finally got through & that was when they told me about switching over to Internode. So you can imagine my frustrations. Now that I've got the mobile sorted, it'll all be easier. Anyway, I'm still waiting for the home internet to be up & running. Hopefully there'll be no more issues. Meanwhile, I'm waiting for mobile prices to drop coz this phone is too basic for my needs. 暂时先用着。

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