Thursday, 16 April 2015

Sky Gazing

We've moved further north. Although just under 3 km from our previous rental place, it's quite different. There're less lights, the streets are frequently deserted, even houses are dark, as if nobody's home. On clear nights like this, I love going into the back courtyard, looking up to the sky. I see stars & more stars. What looked like the milky way is in fact saturated stars weaving across the sky. I see it all so clearly becoz it's dark here.

Bringing old man Ton out for walks is just so enjoyable now that the nights are chilly. When the air is still, I don't even need a jacket. The air is so fresh & I savour every breath that I take. The cold brings along a sense of deja vu. Familarity. But to what? I can't explain it. Neither do I understand the feelings I'm having.

We had many days of rain. I loved looking at the overcast sky. I had this desire to take a picture of the panoramic view at King's Park with rolls & rolls of dark clouds in sight. But I had to work & couldn't spare the time to drive in for a few minutes (King's Park is along the way to work). I hope I have the chance & the ideal scenary I have in mind soon.