Saturday, 25 April 2015

Loving Soft Bones

The only thing I ever order at Ajisen is the nankotsu ramen in Sg. I simply love the flavourful gelatinous texture of the 软骨. I brought my set of AMC pots back to Perth from Sg when I went back late last month. A heating base that doubles up to turn the AMC pot into an oven, 2 pots (1 taller soup pot & 1 shorter pot) & a pressure lid. They're not cheap but I got them at a good price.
Before the lamb shanks, there was the soft bones. We were at the asian grocery shop & I bought a packet of herbal bakuteh. I intended to use ribs but when I got to the butcher, I saw soft bones selling for half the price of the ribs. I thought of my pressure lid & went with the soft bones.I didn't marinate the soft bones coz I know the pressure will force the flavours into the meat. I've been working late recently, sometimes arriving home at only 8 pm. So being able to chuck everything into a pot with no extra work is perfect for me. I set the timer for 1 hour & did my things. Shower, feed & let Ah Ton out, etc.
However, 1 hour wasn't enough for the soft bones to turn into the perfect texture (to me). It was not gelatinous enough. This is something I love so I'll definitely want to get the timing right. I'm just undecided putting it for 1 hr 15 mins or 1.5 hrs next time. I don't want to overdo it & have it disintegrate. But as I've predicted, the soft bones were flavoursome despite not being marinated.
5 pieces of soft bones cost $9. The herbal pack, $3. Still not too bad for 2 serves.

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