Saturday, 2 May 2015

Back Online

Finally! After almost 1 month in our new place, the internet has been successfully activated. I didn't manage to settle the stupid iinet issue though. I went to the bank & asked that future direct debits be blocked. During this month, I've made several calls to their call centre to no avail. Twice, I was put on hold & then disconnected. I suspected they hang up on me coz by then, I'm already with Telstra & I had full mobile signal the entire time I was on the phone with them. 3rd time, the guy said he needed to investigate & would get back to me within a few hours. Of course, he never did. Following Nix's advice & complain email format, I shot them a complain. I never did get a reply. That was 2 weeks ago. Then, they tried to deduct the $300+ from my bank account, which, I had blocked. Immediately, I started receiving text messages & emails informing me that the deduction was unsuccessful & to make payment. I think I may really have to write to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman.

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