Thursday, 28 May 2015

Hello Winter

Autumn is on its last leg & winter is fast approaching. It hasn't been warm for many weeks now. Day time temperatures averages 20°c & can be chilly in the shade especially when touched by the breeze. Our place has long lost whatever heat it had retained & is in a state of permanent cold. I find it managable as long as no doors are left open, allowing the chill to penetrate the air.

I'm still in my camisole but have upgraded from shorts to 3/4 cotton pants. I'm stuck in the in betweens. It's not warm enough to do without a blanket, yet not cold enough that I not sweat with it. Hubs is already in full works mode: full length pants, top, jacket, plus the blanket. Sometimes I wonder if there's something wrong with me.

When I drive to work in the morning, I need the heater for my feet as I drive barefooted. But I have to wind down the window a notch to let the cold air in to cool my body. I've always been this way so I'm not alarmed. My extremities are the only parts that bear the brunt of the cold.

I suspect this winter will be colder than the previous. I remember the lowest it went was 0°c in mid winter. We already had days with 3°c in mid autumn. We may just go below zero this year.

I've always said it's better to be cold than hot. If it's cold, all you have to do is put on a few more layers, maybe add some heat packs. But if it's hot, you can strip down to being butt naked & still you're dripping sweat. Winter always turn to spring (meaning when you're going through harsh times, just remember that it will come to an end). But for me, summer is my nemesis. Perhaps for me, it should be autumn always follows summer. Haha. I wonder what my mentor in faith will say about my changing Gosho passages left, right & center.

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