Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Trial Run

So, we tested that the pump for the air mattress is working fine. No air leaks from the mattress. Then, it's the tent. We'll arrive at the camp site probably around 7 to 7.30 pm. It'll be hard enough pitching a tent (if we didn't have trial runs) when there's light, not to mention in the dark. It being late autumn, the sun now sets around 5.30 pm. It took me a while to read the instructions & for us to figure out what goes where. Now that we've done it once, it actually isn't that difficult. The challenge will be having to do it in the dark. Upon opening up the tent, I realised that the bottom of the tent is of quite a thin material. We'll definitely need a tarp to lay underneath or risk it getting pierced. Once the tent was up, kaypo Ton went inside to look look see see.
It's hard to get photos taken when there's only 2 of us. Our photos are either that of scenary or 1 of us without the other. I've decided not to bring my camera since my phone takes better picture & I can upload them without having to transfer to the computer for further processing 1st. I think this might really be the end of casual cameras. If I were to hand my phone to a stranger to take photos for us, I'm afraid they'll run off with it. I have a camera tripod but it won't hold the phone without a phone holder that fits tripods. They're sold on gumtree but they require several weeks to dispatch. So I decided to improvise.

I took home the semi stiff Infinity Phaco cassette box which we normally throw away after opening the contents. I cut it so it becomes like a cradle & my S5 fitted nicely into it. I poked holes into the bottom of the cradle with screw driver to pass the cable ties through. (I tried using a pen but it was too stiff to poke through.) I tried it out & it worked! Now we don't have to trouble others to take photos for us & I need not fear that they'll run away with it. 
The completed product! Very primal but it works & it's free.

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