Saturday, 2 May 2015

Kitchen Toy: Dehydrator

The dehydrator is 1 of the toys I brought back from Sg. I bought this many years ago when I 1st had Ton Ton. He's 9 this year so I think this must be around 8 years old. I bought the dehydrator specially for him. As the name suggests, it dehydrates food or if you want, flowers. Instead of buying commercially, I used it to dehydrate meat as snacks for him. It was used very infrequently & not once in recent years, having been stored deep at the back of the storeroom. In fact, I had to move tons of things out before I could even reach it. I carried the base in my hand carry while the trays went into check in. 

2 weeks ago, we went to the Asian supermarket's butcher & bought 1 kg of beef tendons for dehydration. In addition, I bought a slab of pork shoulder to make char siew. The pork shoulder came with skin which I trimmed off & dehydrated as well. The tendons came out nicely, good as a teeth cleaning chew for Ah Ton. I give him 2 pieces everyday & his breath is smelling much better. Most of the plaque on his teeth even came off. No preservatives, no unknown ingredients. 

Pork skin.

Dehydrated pork skin.

Beef tendons.

Rock hard dehydrated tendons.

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