Saturday, 16 May 2015

Going On The Road

Some time back, but definitely a post from this year, I wrote about my dream to rent a camper van to tour the regional areas of WA. A dream remains a dream unless you act upon it & so I did. It turned out that I have to scrap the idea as the camper van rentals I looked at require a bond of 5 grand. While refundable if returned in original condition, I will feel much more comfortable with an excess that is payable if we get into an accident. I tried looking at van rentals so we can still put an air mattress at the back. But the bond for such commercial vans stand at almost 3 grand. Still too much of a risk.
If we drive our own car, we'll not be allowed into any of the lodgings if I choose to bring Ah Ton. Neither am I keen to leave him behind. Call me crazy. But I made a promise to him before we left Sg that I'll bring him on many road trips (coz he loves car rides). I want him to go on many adventures with us.
In the end, I made a decision that my past self will never believe. Hubs even asked, "你是我的老婆吗?" when I 1st told him of my plan. Yes. It is that drastic. I told him, let's go camping instead. We'll drive my car (coz we have insurance on mine), book a dog friendly camp site & pitch a tent to sleep in.
We're crazy to go camping in winter & I wonder if we'll freeze to death sleeping under the stars. But I'll make sure our prep work is immaculate. Heat tech clothes from Uniqlo, heat packs for standby, thick socks, long pants, Ton's sweater. Although not very far away, we are indeed going up north. So hopefully it'll just be cold but not freezing.
We bought a 4 person tent (says 4 but is very small), an air mattress & 2 camping chairs just today. They're not top of the range but they'll do for us novice. I've short listed areas I'll like to visit but I'll have to start fine tuning my itinerary very soon. If we like it, I'll plan a trip down south during the 2 weeks Christmas closure at my work place. For someone who claims she hates the outdoors, I'm actually quite excited. I look forward to creating good memories with the ones I love.


  1. Most important thing is your sleeping bag.

    Enjoy! Sleeping outside and looking at the million stars up above with your loved one and dog is easily the bestest thing in life.

  2. Hi, we just got our PR and was wondering if you could give us some advice.

    Do you mind if we drop you an email?