Saturday, 23 May 2015

Failed Tiramisu

Like all my days off, I woke up naturally at 7 am (if not awaken prematurely by Mr Ton) rather than to the blare of the alarm going off at 5 am. Hubs won't wake for several hours yet. I got started on my tiramisu. As I was prepping the mascarpone cheese, I already know this would be a flop. The cheese, instead of becoming soft & creamy, became stiff & curd-like. I went back to the recipe which received mostly 5 stars & discovered many comments that the same thing happened to them. Gosh, then why give the 5 stars? I still assembled the tiramisu anyway. The mascarpone was $8, the sponge fingers $5 & the Kahlua $33. No point wasting it.
I'm already thinking of solutions for the next trial. Perhaps half whipping cream & half mascarpone. Whipping cream withstands beating & as long as you don't overbeat, it'll not spilt. Then just gently mix the mascarpone in. Some recipes call for eggs but they use them raw. I'm not too comfortable with that. Masterchef US season 1 left a lasting impression on me.  A contestant used raw eggs & got told off by the judges. They didn't even touch the food he presented. Naturally, he was eliminated. Reason being, raw eggs can cause severe food poisoning.
On the other hand, the panna cotta came out perfect. Probably needed just that few extra hours of refrigeration. So no need for more gelatine. It set perfectly. So yey! Success!

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