Thursday, 2 April 2015

The Unplanned Romantic Dinner

We've been busy. That's to be expected since we're only back in Sg for a week. Our days are packed with meet ups with friends & relatives. We finally had a day to ourselves & spent the day packing for our return trip. If there is something I must eat when I come back, it has to be Leong Kee Klang Bakut Teh along Beach Road. It was pouring but it didn't deter us. We both wore shorts & slippers in view of the wet weather. But alas, when we arrived, we realised that the shop wasn't open & the signboard had been taken down. A search online revealed that it ceased operation last September. I know there is another outlet in Geylang but we decided to pass & instead find somewhere nearby to have dinner.

We walked over to Bugis Junction & I suggested heading over to Bugis Plus as they have a wide variety of restaurants. I shortlisted Ramen King & Rocku but as we've eaten at Ramen King before, we took a look at Rocku 1st. The last time we were here, probably 2 to 3 years ago, we were faced with the same choices. We chose Ramen King back then. We chose Rocku, a Japanese BBQ buffet this time.

If it doesn't sound romantic, the fault is mine. How do I express in words feelings & emotions that were invoked? Dim with old school playlist best describes the inital assault on our senses. (By old school, I mean songs that are not new hits.) Hubs called it the BBQ restaurant with a KTV feel. Initially, it was empty save for us & another couple. 小夫妻 came on & I sang along.

It was slightly chilly as I opted to wear a sleeveless top but the roaring flames from the BBQ pit warmed me up. The scent of burning charcoal filled the air, a smell dearly missed. Shortly after we arrived, we were rewarded with live acoustic performance. We later found out that it is not everyday that they've got live performance. We were very fortunate indeed.

It was still early after dinner so we shopped around for a bit. We came across these bedsheets printed with The Avengers in cartoon version & we just grabbed it. Then, there was a deal too good to pass on. Pillows that were originally selling for $229 were selling at $20 each. While I doubt it is actually worth $229, the quality is undeniable. We probably have to off load some items from the luggage to make way for them to avoid going over the weight limit though. All in all, a very fulfilling evening.

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