Saturday, 28 March 2015

Lucky Us

Last night, we drove to the crowded Alfred's Kitchen & was so lucky to get the last remaining lot. All other cars that came after us had to drive out & find parking elsewhere. When we approached the counter, we saw the sign that says, "Sorry, no eftpos. Cash only." We went, "Oh shit!" We each opened our wallet & I found $75 in mine. Heng ah! I don't usually keep cash in my wallet after the time my money got stolen at work when I was still in Sg. I don't even remember when I had withdrawn the money. So it must have been sitting in my wallet for a long time. It was more than enough for orders for 4.

We brought my parents to Swan Valley this morning, followed by lunch at Fremantle. We arrived at 1 pm, right smacked in the middle of lunch hour. The carparks were absolutely packed with many cars circling round & round. At the 3rd carpark, we came to the last remaining lot once again. After we pulled in, a middle aged couple came to get their car which was parked right beside us. They gave us their parking ticket which had 1 hr 15 mins left on it. Let's pass on the kindness next time round. As we had previously tried Kaili's, we decided to go to Cicerello's instead. Honestly, I can't tell which is better. I think they're pretty much on par. After lunch, we had half an hour left on the parking. We took a stroll along the beach, enjoying the sea breeze. Then it was back home.

I developed a badass blister on my fatass finger (thumb). Thumb doesn't rhyme. It was flat when I went to bed last night. When I woke up this morning, the blister was full of pus. It usually contains a clear serous fluid but mine was obviously infected. Then it became so filled with pus that it simply burst, like a balloon inflated past its stretching point. I squeezed out all the pus & continued my day. By evening, the puncture point had sealed & it was filled with pus once again, though not as robust as the 1st time round. (Pictures are from 2nd emptying of pus.) This time, I pierced it with a needle & squeezed out the pus again. When both thumbs are placed side by side, it's obvious my right thumb is swollen. My 1st time with an infected blister. Interesting.

I just enjoyed views of fireworks from the backyard. I think it was for some footy club. The noise caused all dogs in the neighbourhood to start barking, Ton included. But thankfully, he stopped when I asked him to. I think about all these experiences & writing them down means 1 day I'll be able to refer back & remember these memories. :)

After all the chocolate, ice cream, nougat & sinful food, I really need to get back on my diet when I get back from Sg. New place & renewed motivation for weight loss. Can't wait.

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