Thursday, 26 March 2015

I Worry

Hubs started off as the 2nd extra in his current company. When the 1st extra went back to his country, hubs continued to work. Then, the work slowed. 1st extra was not asked to come back & instead, hubs worked in his place. The lady boss made no secret that she preferred the 1st extra coz they're from the same country, constantly badgering the manager why hubs was allowed to work & that the 1st extra should take his place instead.

Call me bias, but I know hubs is a better worker. If anything, Singaporeans are conscientious workers. Well, most of us anyway. He's never called in sick in all the years he's been working. He went back to work even after his ingrown toe nail removal procedure. Though not academically inclined, he's smart in a different sort of way. He easily picked up the rational behind the things that need to be done when workers with several years experience fail to realise or question. He's never picky about his work & never gives excuses when being asked to do something. Therefore, he knows much more than the others.

Now, it's our turn to be absent. Work has picked up again & 1st extra is asked to come back as an extra hand. When we get back from Sg, it'll be hub's turn not be allowed to go back to work. I know we cannot afford to lose his income or we'll be in deep shit. But with the job market so bad right now, chances of landing another job is close to nil. I can only pray that he'll have the good fortune to get something else in the event he loses this job.

Now, regarding Centre Link, I know if he loses his only source of income, we'll probably be eligible to make claims. I know some people have an income from their country, have houses to collect rent from & therefore don't need to work. Yet they make claims from Centre Link, claiming unemployment. It's not so much of an ego issue but 有手有脚 he rather work than ask for hand outs. He's a man of principle.

Of course, he has his faults. His temper, omg. I need not say more. He may seem aloof, especially when he hasn't warmed up to you. But once you get to know him, he's actually quite apt at talking cock. 对朋友更不用说了。Treat him well & he return it doubly. Cross him & you'll be sure to get it. But I hope his decency, combined with whatever good, no matter how little that we've done will bring us good karma & see us through this. I'm a worry wort. Perhaps he won't even lose his job & I'm worrying for nothing. Reminder to myself: always have faith. There's always a way.

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