Thursday, 26 March 2015

Me = Bad Patient

This is the price I have to pay for an afternoon nap. Insomnia. Otherwise you'll not find me still awake beyond 10 pm. Hence, the spamming of my blog.

I may have caught a bug from Sg. The day we were due to fly back, I developed a sore throat. Yesterday was its 4th day of tormenting me with no signs of easing. In between, I'll develop body aches, a symptom very indicative of a viral infection. It goes away after a night's sleep only to come back every other day. Drinking lots of water doesn't really help much. It's like my body is fighting a battle it can't win but yet won't lose. Of course, it'll eventually win the battle but in the meantime, swallowing will remain a painful ordeal.

I'm a firm believer of natural healing despite being a nurse myself. Medicines only masks the symptoms but doesn't solve the underlying problem. 治标不治本。You won't find me popping panadols just becoz I have a headache or cramps or backache to the disdain of my colleagues. The only time I'll take it is when I'm running a fever which I haven't for many years. Actually,  since 14 & that's more than 15 years ago.

I prefer to boost my immunity with natural resources whenever I'm unwell so my body can win the battle. Drinking adequate water & having sufficient sleep is often the best remedy you'll ever need.

Since we're on the topic of medicine, I'll like to add that I find a lot of people are  confusing allergies & side effects. An allergic reaction gives you rashes, swelling of eyes or lips & at its worse, an anaphylatic shock. If a drug gives you tummy upset, diarrhea, or as patients like to say "makes me unwell", it is not an allergy. It is a side effect. For an allergy to be an allergy, it has to manifest symptoms listed above. If you any old how tell the medical team that you're allergic when you're in reality just having side effects, you'll end up not getting the treatment best for you.

Of course, it is your choice whether you want to take the medicine or not. It is the patient's right to refuse treatment. Like analgesics, especially NSAIDS, give me diarrhea. I avoid taking it but I don't tell the doctor I'm allergic to it becoz I'm not.

By now, everyone should know that common flu is caused by virus. Hence, asking for antibiotics is of no use & will only increases the likelihood of drug resistence. Antibiotic kills off your flora & gives rise to secondary infections. I should know coz a few years back, after a course of prolonged antibiotics (by prolonged I mean 7 days as usual course is for 5), I developed thrush, both orally & in my female bits. It wasn't itchy but the pain was another thing. I told myself, never again will I take antibiotics unless it's for life saving purposes. It is also why some people get diarrhea with antibiotics. It kills off your flora, allowing the bad bacteria to multiply & flourish. Of course, it is totally my choice. I'm not asking people not to heed the advice of their doctors.

I usually chuck my medications aside after seeing the doctor & rely solely on rest to recover. The side effects from medicine often makes me feel worse than I actually am. That's why there's this saying that nurses make the worst patients. We rarely listen to the doctor when it comes to our own health. Lol.

I shall try to sleep once again or I'll never recover from this almost flu.

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