Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Spam Spam Spam

Even though I didn't have a functioning phone nor do I have internet, I do receive notifications once I was in areas where I could receive signal. Seems like my blog is being spammed by at least 10 messages a day about some spell caster.

It's all bullshit to me. But let's just imagine for a second that it's legit. If your partner wants to leave, casting a spell for their return means their love is not real. You'll have taken away their freedom of choice. So what's the point in that?

I like watching horror movies, especially those of possessions. I'm freaked out & scared witless yet I still watch them. Why? Becoz I believe in good & evil. I believe 1 should never dabble in the black arts. There're always consequences, always a catch. If someone wants to leave, how do you know you won't be rewarded with someone even better? Why risk your soul?

Anyway, I'm gonna try screening messages coz reporting them doesn't work. They just sign up under a different name & do it again. Let's see if I'm successful in doing so with this kuku phone.

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