Saturday, 17 October 2015


My plan was to successively follow Wed's workout with Thurs & Fri. Neither of which happened. I really wanted to go. I wore my workout attire to work. But on Thurs, I finished work at 6.30 pm & by the time I walked out of the building, it was already 6.45 pm. Plus 1 hour session, plus 1 hour drive home, I could have easily gotten home at 9 pm. I wouldn't have minded if it was a Friday. But it wasn't & I had to work the next day.

Thurs morning, 12 hours post workout: The muscle aches were starting to set in, just as I had expected. Only I thought it would be worse. On a scale of severity, this was probably about 3 to 4. But the pain grew progressively & by evening, it was probably about a 7. I also had some throat irritation in the morning which became a full blown sore throat by evening.

Fri morning, 36 hours post workout: Full blown sore throat still present, muscle pain is now 8. I didn't even have to go down the stairs to feel it. I had to hold the toilet seat & slowly ease myself down to sit on the toilet bowl. It was aching so much even when I was walking. Still, I went to work in my workout attire. I still wanted to go. But by lunch time, it was evident I wasn't going anywhere but straight home after work. My nose was starting to run. Body aches started to set in (the flu type of aches). I quickly took 2 neurofen from our stock. Believe it or not, I was actually sent home by my manager who asked me to go home & rest at 3 pm. (No such thing in Sg. We were actually told that we should take MC only when we're so sick that we can't get out of bed. Of course, nobody listened. If we waited till that stage, we probably would have gone into pneumonia & died.) I felt it would be counter productive if I still headed to the gym so I went straight home.

I badly craved hot chicken soup (I have no idea why) so hubs drove us to Coles to get the ingredients. Passing the supplements aisle, I saw that chewable Vitamin C was on 30% discount so I grabbed it. Immediately after paying for it, I popped 2 as directed on the bottle. As I was reading the information, I saw that it says Vitamin C is good for assisting athletes to recover from their training. All the more better. I also took a sachet of Lemsip left over from previous infection as the neurofen had long worn off.

Sat morning, which is now, muscle aches mostly gone. It's like 说来就来, 说走就走. Muscle ache is now down to 1 to 2. But on the URTI front, things had moved south. Literally. I can feel that the soreness in my throat had moved down & I'm very certain that very soon, cough will set in. My brain feels fuddled like it always do when I'm down with severe URTI. I must aim to recover by Monday. We only have 3 cases in the morning & nothing in the afternoon. I had planned to do an extra long session in the gym & I'm hoping I still can follow through with it. That's the way it is, isn't it? When I had the time, I didn't have the motivation. Now I'm raring to go, but conditions are not right. Oh well, I'll recover. Hopefully soon. 

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