Sunday, 18 October 2015

Nasty Bug

I just called my manager informing her that I'm too sick to go to work for the 1st time. I felt so guilty. Calling her took a lot of thought. I decided to wait till evening to see if I'll get better. I'm the scrub nurse you see. If I don't show, she'll have to find someone else to scrub. There're only 3 nurses who can scrub at my work place. 1 is away in the countryside assisting another surgeon & will only be back tomorrow evening. So she can only ask the infection control nurse to scrub. Luckily it's only 3 cases & the surgeon is pretty easy going.

But I definitely have to go back for Tuesday coz that is "my" surgeon. Meaning, I'm the only person who scrubs for him. He's not nasty but he's really fast & it's a long list. I will feel so bad if someone else who isn't familiar with his steps to have to scrub, rush like crazy & finish work late.

Funny huh? When I was in Sg, I wish I could be sick so I can take sick leave. Here, I wish I can be well so I can go to work. Looks like gym will have to be put off yet another week to give me time to fully recover.

This is 1 nasty bug. I was still well on Wed, feeling on top of the world after gym. Thurs morning, I had some throat irritation. By Thurs evening, my throat hurt so much I could barely swallow. By Fri afternoon, I was getting the aches & runny nose. Then I spent Sat & Sun in bed for most of the day, sneezing my brains out, coughing my lungs out & hugging that box of tissue paper that I stuff my nose with.

I've already made an appointment to see the GP tomorrow. Hopefully I won't have to suffer for much longer.

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