Thursday, 8 October 2015

Power Of 5 Km

I don't know how much a gym membership costs here. But I heard from my colleague that her daughter signed up for $800+ a year. We were toying with the idea of joining a gym but hubs felt that it's too expensive. That's why I say working in a hospital is good. I knew we have a gym so I made enquires. It only costs $12 a fortnight which comes up to $312 a year. I can join their free circuit classes & I can join their yoga/pilates/zumba classes for $3 per class. I won't be able to go to any of their classes as they require prebooking & the last class is always at 5 pm. I won't know what time I'll finish work until the last case itself & bookings for classes close the day before.

But gym is good. It's open 24/7 so regardless of my finishing time, I can just head to the gym. I'll need to go for an inital appraisal with the trainer (free) to gain access to the gym. Subsequently, I'm entitled to a free yearly appraisal. The appraisal sessions are all fully booked till tomorrow when I attempted to book mine last week. Since I'm not working tomorrow, I just booked myself in even if it means driving down just for that.

I was feeling gungho yesterday so I went for a 5 km walk. Not jog, just walk. But I woke up this morning with aches. Shows just how unfit I am. I'm looking forward to the appraisal & see what the trainer will plan for me as an exercise plan.

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