Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Received the very sad news that a friend is unlikely to survive from cancer this morning. Diagnosed in Nov, it's only been 5 months since diagnosis. Such is cancer. Silent & aggressive. There is nothing I can do except to continue praying for her & send intensive distant reiki to her. I was worried that I won't know what to say. But "coincidently" (for we know there is no such thing as coincidence, only what's meant to be), while scrolling through FB, there was a post on how to relate to cancer patients. You don't have to say anything. Just being there is enough.

I was very upset upon receiving the news. I cried even as I chanted for her. We met at her place almost 2 years ago when we 1st got here. Since then, we've been going over fairly regularly for discussion meetings. We've shared initial teething problems in Perth, then issues with work colleagues & of course, discussions on Buddhism. She looked well & nothing seemed amiss when we last met her in Oct.

At the end of life, everything becomes insignificant. All the petty arguments, were they even worth your time & effort? The only thing worth striving for is making the world a better place. By keeping peace, by promoting it. Just as Andy Lau so aptly put it in "悟":


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