Saturday, 30 April 2016

Obsession Compulsion

I love a good thriller, 1 that keeps me guessing till the end. I don't know many who reads. None, I mean seriously, none of my friends read at all. The only person I know of who reads like I do in Perth is P. Several weeks ago, he handed me some novels for my reading pleasure. At the same time, he recounted his trip to the library to loan out a novel by S J Watson that has received superb reviews. He suggested I check that out the next time I go to the library.

By then, I had forgotten the title of the novel. Surely, Watson has written more than 1. But there was only 1 on the shelf & even if it was the wrong 1, how wrong can it be? A brilliant author will produce brilliant novels. I don't know why but I kept thinking Watson is female. It wasn't until minutes ago, when I did a search that I realised Watson is a man. He has written in total, 3 novels & the 1 I grabbed, titled Before I Go To Sleep is his 1st.

Obsession & compulsion drove me to flip page after page incessantly. I did nothing else but read the moment I got in after work. I couldn't wait to find out what indeed had happened to her. But at the same time, I wanted to draw out the time it took to finish the book so I could savour it. It should have been an easy guess. But yet, I was caught by surprise. Hubs probably could get it right early on in the novel. Only he hates reading, wants nothing to do with it.

He's asked me before, "What is it about reading that you enjoy it so much?" He very much rather watch a movie. They do the same thing: tell a tale. But a novel covers so much more details. I've read adeptations before. Or rather, I've watched movies adepted from best selling novels. I can tell you the book is always more enjoyable than the movie. You turn the words into scenes, chain them up into a movie in your head. You notice the smallest details just as they've been described in the novel. You make a guess & just a tiny tinge of annoyance when you get the murderer wrong. Yet you feel annoyed if you do get it right becoz it has been too easy for you. No way to really satisfy me. But I rather be wrong coz then I marvel at the genius of the way the author thought out the story.

I've just finished James Patterson's Invisible that I started on late last evening. I definitely have been deceived by his deceptions. People are surprised that I read. I'm surprised that they don't.

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