Sunday, 17 April 2016

Blue Jazz Has Shiny New Ass

If there's 1 medical check I hate the most, it has to be PAP smear. But I'm overdue & as much as I hate it, it has to be done. So I made an appointment for PAP smear on Friday morning (which now feels like a lifetime ago). After that, hubs drove me to the hirer in Osborne Park to return the Outlander before being driven back to the repairer in Balcatta via taxi. Blue Jazz came out, sporting a new shiny ass. Beauty!

I told hubs that the only thing I like about the Outlander is the pickup. I feel that Jazz's handling is much better. Which was why I asked him to drive the Outlander back to the hirer to have a feel of it. Then I asked him to drive shiny ass Jazz back home so he could make the comparison. (I've never allowed him to drive Jazz coz I prefer the way I drive. :P) He agreed with me that the handling is much better on the Jazz & the only flaw is its lack of power. Hmm... maybe they can produce 2L Jazz but then the fuel consumption won't be as good. Jazz is now consuming an average of 5.3L/100 km unless I'm stuck in a few jams over consecutive days which will ramp that up to 5.8 - 6.0L/100 km depending on how bad the jam is.

I know there're people who drive for decades without ever being in an accident. Hopefully I've met my quota & stay accident free from now on. Having said that, I was driving Jazz out to Coles earlier & this lady who was travelling in the other direction was texting while driving & her car was headed directly towards me. People, it doesn't kill to pull over or wait till you reach your destination to text. Don't text & drive at the same time! Not even at a red light.

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