Saturday, 23 April 2016

Manager On Leave

My manager went on a 8 days leave. Before she left, she gave me the run down on what I needed to do while she was away. Basically, I had to collect all the time sheets, make sure everyone signed their column & make sure I have everybody's time sheets or someone wouldn't get paid. I also have to send the billing (of the patients) every other day. As I don't have the access to the other building where the finance department is housed, I had to leave all these paperwork in the finance pigeon hole & call the respective staff for collection. On Wed, I had to remember to bring out the empty bottles so they could get replaced & we'll continue to have fresh, cold water for consumption. At the end of the week, I had to order the consignment lenses that we've used over the week. This is easier as I just had to stick the labels on the order form & email it to the respective company's customer service.

I also have to chase after the chosen lenses for surgeries in the near future. If we don't have the lens in stock, I'll have to order them. I've been doing this for a while now so no learning curve there. The only tough thing was that I had to do all these on top of scrubbing & scouting. Also, sometimes, the surgeons choose the lens just the day before surgery. If we don't have it, it's a mad rush to call Sydney for overnight delivery. Becoz of the time difference, I must place the order before 3 pm or they'll be closed for the day. But I had a really good colleague in recovery who would help me "chase" the lenses list.

Of course, there's always Murphy's Law. The 1st day my manager was away, we arrived at work to find the dining area completely flooded. Maintenance staff was called & apparently, the air con duct was blocked or choked, causing a back flow & thus a major leak. That was most major incident that happened while my manager was away. Thank goodness!

I was pretty stressed but I was being hard on myself. If someone places their trust in me, I have very high expectations of myself. Even if there's no such thing as perfection, I try my best to strive towards it. I also can't leave mess for my manager to come back to. But all is good. My manager had returned to work on Tues & I've gladly handed back all the work. :P

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