Saturday, 9 April 2016

Elizabeth Quay

I hate driving in the city. The roads are often confusing & change into turning lanes without warning. Parking is expensive & the lots tiny if you can even get 1. So it was my bright idea to take the train instead. My colleagues were talking about the pop up Night Noodle Market in Elizabeth Quay & it ends tomorrow. So after work yesterday, we drove to Guildford Station, the station closest to us. Attempting to buy the ticket was hard enough. I thought I only had to select my destination & the price will be calculated for us. But I had to select the number of zones I wanted to travel. I looked around & found the zone table. We were travelling 2 zones which cost us $4.50 per person. Ticket bought, waited for the train. Train came, err... why aren't the doors opening? I finally realised that we had to press the button to open the door 2 seconds before the train departed. So the train left & we lost 25 mins waiting for the next 1. Duh!

We had another problem when we got to Perth Station. So where do we switch to the Mandurah Line to get to Elizabeth Quay? I couldn't find the signs & ended up asking a staff member. Turned out we had to take 2 escalators down, before there'll be signs telling you where to go. We finally arrived at Elizabeth Quay & not knowing where to go, we followed the smoke. Lol. There was a long queue to enter & we had to show some kind of identification to be allowed entry. We showed our Driver's License. I'm not sure why though.

It was super crowded. Food was alright but not super fantastic, probably due to cooking for so many people. We tried food from as many stalls as possible. I think we really contributed to the economy. Haha. After stuffing ourselves silly, we walked along the Quay. It was a nice night out. I'll return to see what special stuff they sell in the city. I haven't been away from Sg long enough to miss the city life though.
Ribs, Pad Thai, Sakura Burger, Assorted Buns, Peking Duck Fries, Chicken Skewers, Waffle On A Stick

Night view of the city.

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  1. I'd like to go, but don't think I can handle the crowds.