Saturday, 30 April 2016

That Humble Raisin Loaf

In just 2 more days, we will have fulfilled our minimum stay requirement to be eligible for a Resident Return Visa. Only 2 years, yet it feels like I've spent a lifetime here. Perhaps I have. It was the start of a different life, 1 in which we had no idea where it would lead us. 

No job, no money, not much hope left best describes our situation in the early days. For some reasons, raisin loaves are always on half price, even as of now, 2 years on. This humble $2.50 loaf would feed us breakfast for a few days, coupled with $2 Woolworth's home brand instant noodles. To make it go a longer way, we would share a single pack of noodles for dinner. That was all we ate a day, everyday. A slice of raisin toast with half a pack of instant noodles. I've not bought another raisin loaf since I landed my job. I am that sick of it. But I thought it was time to revisit those humble beginnings. So on our grocery shopping last night, I grabbed a loaf of raisin toast which will serve as breakfast today. 
The reason why we fight so much, is becoz we have too much. We let greed, pride, envy get to our head. There is this growing inability to let things/comments slide. Nobody is better than the other. All our lives are worth the same. We all 1 day have to die anyway. Terrorism. No such nonsense in the caveman age. They were too busy trying to survive 1 day to the next. Better economy, better technology have made our lives better, easier. But have we, as humankind grow our humanity as well? Not so much, isn't it?

There was a time when I was much younger, that I resent the fact that my parents aren't financially well off. I envied peers born with gold spoons in their mouths. But now I know my life is meant to be this way. The spiritual growth fueled by sweat, blood & tears is unrivaled. Of course, the soul must be willing. So on this 2 years mark, I shall have raisin toast. It is time to remind myself again of our humble beginnings here in Perth. Let this is be my silent reflection for our 2 year anniversary.

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