Saturday, 9 April 2016

"Camping" Trip In Wongan Hills

For the 2nd long weekend in March, I had already booked a powered tent site in this caravan park in Wongan Hills. It was supposed to be a camping trip with the dogs. But after the absolutely awful farmstay, I decided to send the dogs for boarding. The look they (especially Basil) gave me as I left was 1 of panic & sorrow. Of course I knew I would go back for them but they didn't. They thought I was abandoning them. But I had no choice. Perhaps another man would have been more accommodating. But not hubs. So I'll probably just do day trips from now on where I can be home with the dogs in the evening.

Since we were without dogs, I upgraded us to a cabin due to the forecast that it was going to pour. & pour it did. I did the driving & the scenery was magnificent. I don't think I'll enjoy living in these country towns but it's good to visit every now & then. The 2 surrounding towns, Cadoux & Ballidu, we visited were "ghost" towns. Apparently, everybody leaves for the coast during long weekends.

View from Mt O'Brien.
Our 1st stop upon arrival was Mt O'Brien lookout. It was warm & I wanted to go closer to sunset. But the sky really didn't look good so I decided to leave earlier. I forced Jazz to handle the unpaved road & at 1 point, the incline was at least 45 degrees. I didn't think Jazz would have made it but engine raving at 4k rpm, we managed to scale that "mountain". By the time we got back to the cabin, the rain was really coming down. With nothing opened & nothing to do, we watched Food Network the entire evening.

It was obvious that the roads had been flooded from the downpour when we drove to Cadoux & Ballidu the next day. The roads were filled with debris, branches & sand/soil. Some parts of the road were even still submerged in water. Approaching from afar, I saw this brownish black longish thing that looked like a branch on the road. I wouldn't avoid it if it was a small branch. When I got really close, I realised that it was a reptilian lizard trying to cross the road. Both of us went, "Arghhhhhhh!!!". I swerved & when I looked in the rear mirror, saw it nonchalantly continued crossing the road. That was close! I'm glad to say I haven't had a roadkill till date. Flying insects excluded.

No cars, no human.
There wasn't much in Cadoux & Ballidu as well. All the shops were closed, not a single soul to be seen. I wanted to park & walk around to take in the town. But hubs didn't. So we drove back to the cabin & continued watching Food Network. I love nature & I will love to do hikes. Perhaps when the weather cools down even more, I can bring the dogs by myself & hike in the regional parks.

We drove back to civilization the next day & picked up the dogs on the way home. They were so excited to see us. I had a pet hammock over the backseats but somehow, Ton managed to get under the hammock, went down onto the floor of the backseat & climbed to the front through the gap between the driver & passenger. Smart dog. He loves his shotgun seat. Not-so-smart-in-this-aspect Basil kept trying to climb over the hammock. Thank goodness he isn't so smart. We can't have 2 dogs in the front. That will be too dangerous.

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  1. My dog cried so much when I left him at the kennel (he was a puppy then), and looked so miserable when we came back 5 days later to pick him up. We never left him again except with people he knew and liked, like my son.