Sunday, 10 January 2016

1 Ring To Rule Them All

Like TL said, this is a blog worthy, 不可思议的 incident. Even though it transpired yesterday, I still find it really unbelievable & amazing. 

Due to the nature of our work, we only wear our wedding ring over the weekend. For me, I fear I'll lose it if I have to put it on & take it off on a daily basis. Bacteria is a big fan of jewellery which is a big no no for nurses. Besides, who wants to bring home the bugs that are hidden in the crevices? Yes, we wash our hands with antimicrobial soap & perform hand rubs. But there is no such thing as sterile hands. For hubs, he has to deal with heavy metal parts & the scratches the ring will sustain will be terrible.

Late morning yesterday, when we were about to leave for Langford, he realised that he couldn't find his ring. He turned the house upside down but he just couldn't find it. He began to retrace his steps for the previous weekend. He remembered still wearing it when he was changing engine oil for his Integra. He remembered coming in to wash his hands & the ring which he promptly put back on. But he remembered that he was no longer wearing it when he washed my car next. He even went to the garage to search since he washed the car in the back lane. Nope, nothing.

It was getting late. He finally decided to call off the search & we left for Langford at 1 pm. There is this oriental homeware store in Spencer Village that I wanted to go. I've been searching for a glass jar that's at least 5L. I tell you, it was close to impossible. All the "ang moh" chains (Big W, Reject Shop, supermarket) only carry plastic jars. The Reject Shop has a glass dispensing jar but the tap is metal. That homeware store was my last chance before I seriously contemplate using glass vase from Bunnings. Hubs wanted to try the food at Ah Beng's Kopithiam which is just nearby. So that was exactly what we did.

On the drive home, D&J invited us over for dinner which we promptly agreed. Becoz, we're the super gluttons as they had posted on FB that they were making Buah Keluak for dinner. The search continued when we got home. I was about to take a shower, in fact I had already stripped when hubs called out to me. So I wrapped myself in my towel & went out to the garage. The garage door was open & he was outside. That's when the amazing discovery was made. The ring was sitting on the manhole on the other side of the garage door. 

Hubs got desperate & decided to open the garage door to search the ground. When he saw it on the manhole, it came back to him that he had removed the ring & set it down on the manhole before washing my car with the intention to retrieve it once he was done. Obviously, he forgot all about it. That means, the ring had been sitting there since last Sunday where I had driven over it many times throughout the week. It had been there for 6 days. It is a miracle that we even managed to get it back. 

Miraculous, isn't it? 


  1. Very lucky to find it after so long. You didn't say whether you found the jar in Langford.

    1. Yes I got it in the homeware store in Spencer Village, just beside the foodcourt.

    2. Yes I got it in the homeware store in Spencer Village, just beside the foodcourt.