Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Back To Jogging

It's been 4 weeks since I've done any rowing or jogging. When the back injury 1st struck, I couldn't even bend over the slightest bit. The yoga moves that require bending over have to be modified so I squatted instead. Yesterday, while I was doing yoga, I found that I could bend over during sun salutation once again. Following that, I had a shower & I could put on my undies normally. I had been sitting at the edge of the bed, undies on the floor, putting both feet through the leg holes & using a stick to hook my undies up. It's a huge breakthrough coz I still couldn't bend over the weekend. My back still hurts but it's at least an 80% improvement.

Having stopped cardio for so long, I didn't have much drive to go to the gym. But I'm glad I did. I could row once again. Not wanting to push it too hard, I opted to jog 2 km instead of my usual 3 km. Since I've shortened the distance, I upped the speed. I started with 8 km/hr for the 1st km, followed by 8.5 km/hr for the 2nd km. I was expecting that I would find it very tedious. But surprisingly, it was alright. The exhilaration following the attainment of my 1st jogging goal in 4 weeks reminded me once again why I'm doing this. I wonder if my muscles will ache tomorrow.

The downside is that I've lost a lot of flexibility. I was able to bend over & put both palms flat on the floor. Now my hamstrings are so tight I couldn't even touch the tips of my fingers to the floor. I'll have to slowly stretch it out again. Most importantly, I must take good care of my back to prevent this from happening again.

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