Sunday, 17 January 2016

Day Trip To New Norcia

Last Sunday, we took the 1.5 hour drive to this little monastic town called New Norcia. It wasn't exactly a planned trip. Neither was it exactly impromptu. It was on my itinerary for our upcoming farm stay & camping trip. The idea of visiting it as a day trip came to me on Friday while at work. The forecast for Sat was possible storm with a max of 34°c so I chose Sunday which was supposed to be clear & a max of 26°c. I woke up as I usually do on my day off, at 6 am. So I baked 2 sourdough baguette before we set off.

The church.
I laid out the pet hammock to protect my car seats & off we went. The dogs were excited & I had to tie their leash to the head rest on opposing ends. Basil tends to step all over Ton Ton who's half his size & we didn't want them attempting to climb over the hammock onto the front seats. The cruise control was the best thing on such long country roads. There were hardly any cars. I took my foot off the pedal & let cruise control take over.
I don't know why but this type of scenery appeals to me so.
1st thing I did when we got there was to go into their visitor centre to get a copy of their walking track map. We didn't take their guided tour as we had dogs with us. The round trip took about an hour & we headed to the hotel to get lunch. I ordered their famous Abbey Ale for hubs & took a sip for taste.

Small, but a 2 km walk.
After lunch, we took the drive home. Dogs & human slept the entire journey home, save for the driver (me). But even I was out for 3 hours when we got home. We need more road trips!
The dogs concussed in the lobby of the hotel as we had lunch.

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  1. Haven't been here for about 10 years. Last time I came, I brought my sister from Singapore to see this.