Sunday, 31 January 2016

Weird Summer

Last summer being our 1st in Perth, was kind to us. It wasn't 1 of those summers with temperatures above 40°c for 14 days straight like my colleagues told me. I really really thought it will be pay back this summer. But this summer has been milder than the previous so far. We've only got the odd day or 2 where temperatures were above 40°c & we've only got 1 more month of summer to go.

It's been mostly a roller coaster ride. Up to high 30s for a few days then down to low 20s for another few days, then repeat. It feels like we're entering into autumn before we even fully encountered summer. But then, Hong Kong snowed for the 1st time & BKK dropped to 17°c. So it's true that nothing in life is impossible.

It being CNY soon, I've made use of the nice cool weather to give Jazz a wash. I'm sending Jazz in for a damage assessment on Tues & after which, I'll be in queue for repair. Me being a girl, I also decided to get ready for CNY. I've already bought a new dress & a new top from Carousel last week. I got a Gel Polish set from Priceline since it was on offer & put it to use immediately. Since I'm off on Tues, I'll vacuum & mop the floor, give the dogs a shower & we'll be all set for CNY.

Gel polish are $5 off  & the starter kit $12 off normal price.
Ang ang for CNY.

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  1. I think this one and the last two summers have been cooler than usual. I don't remember a summer as cool as this one has been in all the time I've been here. This is very lucky for me as I hate the hot weather.