Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Back To Sin: 1st Day Of Lunar New Year

I slept for as long as I could, waking up at 8.30 am. Nothing to do, I finished reading my novel, discovering that I had guessed the killer correctly. I changed into my new dress at 10 am & waited around for my relatives to arrive. At close to 11 am, Iris informed me that she was on her way to my place. My 2nd uncle arrived shortly. I went downstairs to meet Iris, Ben, & their 2 dogs, Velvet & Cotton.

We've always been in contact via FB messenger. I 1st met Iris 10 years ago when she groomed Ton Ton when he was 4 months old. Subsequently, she started grooming from home & I would bring Ton to her house for grooming. She even came to my house to teach me how to shave Ton before I left for Perth (for free). She's also the 1 who told me about reiki & even informed me that Perth is holding reiki seminar.

She wanted to buy this pet futon which is a product of Oz. But to order it online & have it delivered to Sg made the futons not worth its price. The giant sized futon is selling for $80+ but delivery for just this 1 item to Sg already costs an additional $50+. So I offered to order it for her, have it sent to my place & I'll bring them with me when I come back. I ordered it back in Nov & they've been sitting in my wardrobe till now. She ordered 1 giant, 1 original & 2 mini (for her friend) & the delivery charges was only $20+. We caught up for a bit at the playground downstairs where I brought Puggy with me.

When I returned upstairs, my 4th uncle & family had arrived. My dad's the eldest so we didn't have to go anywhere. Shortly after my 2nd & 4th uncle had gone off, my 5th aunt & family arrived. When everyone had gone off, hubs went down to buy lunch. I only wanted 2 plain pratas whereas he had a full portion of briyani. Knowing that we would be out late, we took a nap. Yeah, we were just eating & sleeping the entire week. Hubs woke me up at 5 pm to get ready to go to his mom's house. I had a pounding headache which I knew was from partly the nap & mostly from dehydration. I hadn't drank a single drop since I woke up in the morning.

We arrived at my MIL's at 6.15 pm. Hub's cousins, uncles & aunts were already there. Hokkien tradition, steamboat. Next stop was to Alan's (hub's friend) place where they have an annual gathering. As per tradition, we had yusheng, followed by steamboat. I had the yusheng but I couldn't eat anymore.

真的是很难得。As we grow older, our friends start to diminish. But there they were, always meeting on the 1st day of CNY & had been doing so for so many years running. I've always admired friendships men form. They may only meet once a year, but they're still as tight as ever. I'm such a failure in this aspect. My heart is there but of course, people don't reciprocate. You just know when you're of no importance to them. Do I give up then? But of course, there're a few who will still make time for me. So all the more I'm thankful to have them in my life.

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