Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Back To Sin: Day 8

The posts stopped after CNY day 2 becoz that was as far as I got. I got lazy & stopped typing every night. So now I have to make up for it. 

This was the day I met 1 of my ex boyfriends for lunch. We dated for 15 months when I was 16. He was & still is a great guy. It's a shame that things didn't work out between us. He made a huge impact in my life. 16 years on, I realised that somehow, we ended up having the same beliefs & interests. He studies Buddhism (though not Nichiren Buddhism), is a full time vegetarian (I've always wished I can be) & has the same views on marriage as I do. If we have met now, perhaps things will be different. But such is fate. Our paths crossed then spilt. He was in my life for a reason, he fulfilled his part & had to leave. 

We met at Fortune Centre for a vegetarian lunch. He actually suggested Orchard as he didn't want me having to accommodate to his dietary requirements. But I told him that I truly wanted to have a vegetarian meal & that was how we ended up at Fortune Centre. He told me about his recent divorce from his ex & I totally got it. There were many similarities between our circumstances surrounding both our divorce. We headed for a Korean cafe for drinks after lunch before parting ways on the NEL train towards Punggol. I wished him all the best & I truly wish he'll find the amazing woman he so deserves to have as his wife.

I got off the train at Bugis & met up with hubs. We circled Top Shop & Top Man but everything was just so ex. It was finally time for dinner & we took the bus to Mandarin Oriental. Our 1 & only ultra extravagant dinner in Singapore - Morton's Steakhouse. 

Onion bread.
Meal @ Morton's.
Mandarin Oriental.

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