Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Back To Sin: Day 0

A house devoid of dogs is so quiet, so empty. That was my exact thought as I sat on the bed, waiting for the taxi to arrive to take us to the airport. Hubs said he felt emo but he couldn't explain it. Neither could I understand it. I told him that we're just going back for a visit, to spend CNY with family & friends. We're not going back for good.

We left the dogs with D&J again. Before we left for the airport, I sat down & chanted for their health & for them to behave. I felt this sorrow coming from Basil who thought we've abandoned him. I gave him reassurance, telling him that we're just going away for 2 weeks & will be back to get him. Ton Ton was the complete opposite. He gave a happy whoop when he saw J. I think it must be vacation for him too.

The taxi came on time & the driver helped us load the luggage into the boot. Taxi 坐的多。但是在珀斯还是第一次。Our fare estimate was $80 & the meter jumped 10 cents every 3 to 4 seconds, depending on our speed. We finally arrived at the airport with a final bill of $70.

Hubs began to lighten up & we were cracking jokes before long. He said he could apply for a job in the airport & that he didn't mind driving the luggage around. I pointed to the airport lavatory service & told him that he's more suited to 驾抽大便的. Lol.

Our flight was delayed for 30 mins. But we finally arrived in Sg at 12.45 am. I'm no longer used to the taxi drivers' propensity to speed. He was doing 100 km/hr in a 70 km zone & 130 km/hr in a 90 km zone. He then changed lanes left right center without signaling, weaving in & out of traffic. When we alighted, hubs told me that I can never drive in Sg. I totally think the same way. We finally fell into bed at 3 am & hence ended day 0.

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  1. Good to have someone to take care of your dogs. We sent ours to a kennel once and he looked so miserable when we came to pick him up. Never again!