Saturday, 6 February 2016

Back To sin: Day 3

If I say this is yet another packed day, will you believe me? Lol. As I slept late the night before, I woke up at almost 9 am. 1st stop was to the newly opened BP hawker center where I had vegetarian beehoon & hubs had nasi lemak.

We then took the bus to Jurong Point where I finally got to buy the body shaping bras by Impressions from John Little. Their bras in this range has high side panels that tuck in the fats from beside the boobs & armpits. This isn't something I can get from Oz. So I bought 2 to bring back. We walked around a bit but I felt claustrophobic from the crowd.

So onwards to the next stop: Marsiling. There's a Phoon Huat outlet there & I bought 2 tubs of lactone (for making soya bean curd) & a chiffon cake tin. There wasn't anything to do there & we headed back to BP.

By the time we got back, it was already 3+ pm. I suggested having sushi in BPP for "lunch". The sushi sold in Perth are expensive & doesn't taste good at all unless you dine at a proper Japanese restaurant. So sushi fix, checked. When we got home, I fell into bed & fell asleep. Hubs went out & when he came back, he told me he took the MRT for a round trip to Ubi. For no particular reason.
Having eaten so much over the past few days, I was bloated, constantly tired & grumpy. Probably some hormonal imbalance from rubbish eating. So off to the gym we went at 7.45 pm. This gym is located in the CC just a 5 mins walk from where I live. We paid $5 a head for entry.

Their 1 & only rower was out of service so I used the eliptical machine as my cardio warm up. 20 mins later, my workout top was drenched from neck to navel. I've never sweated this much before even after a full session in the gym in Perth. It must be the humidity. Then, I did my weights & instead of sets of 3, I pushed to do 5 sets of each exercise. Finally, I finished off with a 3 km jog. I felt so good having sweated it out.

We left the gym at 9.40 pm, 20 mins before they were scheduled to close. I was wet throughout. My sports bra, my undies were totally soaked with sweat. My pants were damp all the way down to the thighs. Then it was time to retire for the night after a nice shower. I even had time to read the novel I brought with me from Perth.

1 of my favourites. Vegetarian bee hoon. 

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